Direct Debits / Charity

Little Debits provides affordable direct debits at £1 each, gives 100% of all profits to charity and periodically sends a super secretive newsletter on Smart Personal Finance. 

We choose to donate to causes that can leverage small donations into big change so that we help the maximum number of people, which is why we support charities vetted by the Centre for Effective Altruism, The Life You Can Save and Give Well.

By only supporting evidence backed, trusted charities we hope to make a bigger difference and help the most people with each penny. By supporting the service you can do the same.

How It Works

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    1. Register with us for the Direct Debits and Newsletter

    2. Set up each direct debit for £1 that you want from the colour options

    3. They are ASAP and will set up within 3-5 working days

    4. Done!

    100% of any profits will then go to the high impact charities shown below. We aim for this to be at least 75p from every £1, and it will increase as more people use the service.

    Remember you can cancel these any time through your online banking or with your bank, we will never spam or call you and no personal data is shared with any third parties except what you provide to the direct debit facilitator, nor do we see the full details as they are censored.

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    ASAP Direct Debit 1: Black 

    ASAP Direct Debit 2: Blue

    ASAP Direct Debit 3: Green

    ASAP Direct Debit 4: Orange

    ASAP One Off (Charged Once)


Our Supported Charities and Foundations